Gaming Commission

200 North Water Ave. Tahlequah, OK 74464

Licensing Department

Individuals, vendors, or facilities (Applicants) applying for a permit or license must meet standards set forth in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), as amended, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) regulations, as amended, the Cherokee Nation Code Annotated Title 4 (Gaming Ordinance), as amended, the Tribal-State Compact, as amended, and other applicable laws and regulations, as amended. Applicants whose prior activities, criminal record, reputation, habits, and/or associations that may pose a threat to the public interest, shall not be eligible for a permit or license.

It is the duty and responsibility of each person associated with the gaming operation to conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, and in a manner necessary to reflect positively on the Tribe, its members, and the gaming operation. Applicants or licensees who fail to abide by these standards, or violate Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission (CNGC) rules, laws, or other applicable laws or regulations, are subject to CNGC sanctions including fines and suspension, denial, or revocation of the permit or license.

Apply for a license

You must first have an offer and been provided an access code from Cherokee Nation Entertainment Casinos before accessing the employee license application. Please contact Cherokee Nation Entertainment Human Resources for more information.

Vendor License                      

Please contact Cherokee Nation Entertainment (CNE) for inquiries on registering as a new Vendor.  A vendor license will not be processed without previous intent to do business provided by CNE to the CNGC.