Gaming Commission

200 North Water Ave. Tahlequah, OK 74464

Compliance Department


The purpose of the compliance department is to monitor and provide effective oversight to all areas of the gaming facility. The compliance department review and monitor controls in place to protect tribal assets, promote the integrity of gaming, and to ensure a sense of fairness between the public and Cherokee Nation Gaming facilities.

The Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission Compliance Department currently employs thirty-two total employees located at eleven gaming facilities and the main office located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The department has one compliance manager, one compliance monitor, three compliance officers, four gaming agent supervisors, one gaming systems analyst, and twenty-two gaming agents.

Roles and Responsibility

The roles and responsibility of the compliance department is to provide regulatory oversight of all Cherokee Nation gaming facilities through the use of established regulation and policy and procedures and data tracking. This includes compliance over electronic gaming machines, poker, table games, and maintaining associated databases. Compliance agents routinely monitor the gaming facility through the use of surveillance and report any infractions to the site supervisor and compliance officer. The compliance department works with operations to correct any infractions observed and reported.

Gaming agents are located at each gaming facility. The responsibility of the gaming agent is to monitor the daily activity to ensure all gaming machines, equipment, and systems are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Gaming agents review and test all gaming software prior to releasing it for implementation and obtain custody of the software once it is to be retired.

Compliance is responsible for all investigation related to the facility, vendor, employee and audit findings. Investigations are conducted by the compliance officers and reviewed by management. These findings are presented to the commission on a monthly basis for determination and license action.

Technical compliance is the responsibility of the gaming systems analyst and management. All reviews of games and systems are conducted by the gaming systems analyst with management oversight. Once all areas of the review have been deemed in compliance then the reports are presented to the commission on a monthly basis for action. The gaming systems analyst has the responsibility to maintain and review the game, system, and equipment database regularly.