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Cultural Resource Center

In 1991 the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council created the ᏣᎳᎩ Cultural Resource Center to educate tribal citizens and the public about the Cherokee language, history, and culture.

The newly reformed program provides academic and cultural outreach to schools and communities through multiple services.


Archery has been an integral part of the Cherokee tradition for hundreds of years, and those hoping to hone their skills will find plenty of opportunities at the Joe Thornton Archery Range. Located just west of the main Cherokee Nation complex in Tahlequah, the park is designed to be used by ages eight years and up; and for all skill levels from beginner to the advanced archer. The archery park includes the following components:

  • A 70-meter, Olympic-style range with a 125-foot awning.
  • A bow hunting simulation area that includes a platform.
  • Three dimensional (3-D) walking course to simulate natural hunting conditions.

The Joe Thornton Archery Range is a free community park, devoted to all forms of outdoor archery as a recreation and pastime for the whole family.

Joe Thornton Archery Range
22504 S 504 Rd
Tahlequah, Ok 74464

Contact: Cherokee Nation Archery Program, Nathan Bunch, School Community Specialist, Education Services, nathan-bunch@cherokee.org

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

The program includes assisting schools with developing and advancing STEM activities. Robotics programs with technical support, presentations, and Science and Engineering Fairs are a few of the activities provided.

Contact: education@cherokee.org

Cultural Outreach

Cultural outreach services such as classroom activities, instructor led history lessons, outdoor events, and competitive events are offered. Cultural sports (stickball and marbles), arts (basketry, pottery, doll making, and others) are available by appointment. Classroom history and government lessons can be scheduled. Competitive events for JOM schools are held annually and include Challenge Bowl (history trivia and language), Language Bowl, art and writing competitions. Cherokee Teacher Enrichment programs are available.

Contact: education@cherokee.org