Community & Cultural Outreach

13500 Highway 51 Tahlequah, OK 74464


Cultural Outreach/At-Large Program

The Cultural Outreach staff is focused on providing assistance to our Cherokee citizens that live outside our traditional service area. CCO Staff provides cultural and historical information as well as coordinating visits to the communities from the Chief and local community activities.

Cultural Enrichment

The camp immersed Cherokee at-large community leadership in Cherokee culture. They learned about Cherokee material goods and how they were produced. Classes covered Cherokee spiritual beliefs and how those translated into daily living. Participants also attended Cherokee language classes. To help build a spirit of community, one evening was spent fellowshipping with leaders from the local community organizations. We have begun, from this activity, building a network of Cherokee sister communities across North American, tying at-large communities to communities within our homeland.

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program was established from tribally generated revenue and support. Services are accessible to eligible Cherokee Nation citizens or community organizations in the Cherokee Nation Tribal Jurisdictional Service Area as funding and resources become available.

The mission of the Volunteer Program is to serve our elderly and/or disabled Cherokee citizens in need by partnering with various organizations and individuals in securing the labor, tools, equipment, and materials necessary to create safer living conditions.

Cherokee Language Master Apprentice Program

The concept was to match first language Cherokee speakers (Masters) with those who wished to learn Cherokee as a second language (Apprentice). These Apprentices would then become Masters and perpetuate the cycle, increasing the number of Cherokee Speakers exponentially.

The mission of this program is to develop fluent Cherokee Speakers, who become teachers, by surrounding the Apprentices in the Cherokee culture and language.