Community & Cultural Outreach

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In District Grants

  • Sustainability Grant
    This grant, funded by the Housing, Jobs and Sustainable Communities Act, is meant for funding for such green-friendly efforts as, upgrading air-conditioning/heating systems, internet connectivity, insulation, windows, and other cost-saving renewable energy technology in Cherokee Community Buildings.

  • Community Work Grant
    The Community Work Program Grant fund was established from tribally generated revenue and support for eligible community organizations in the Cherokee Nation Tribal Jurisdiction Service Area. The program is designed to be responsive to the needs of Cherokee communities organized around issues and projects with broad community support.

    The objective of the Community Work Project is to improve the capacity of Cherokee communities to thrive as healthy, culturally-intact and economically self-reliant communities for future generations.

  • New Organization Grant (COTTA)
    This grant is for organizations that have never received assistance with COTTA before. Funds from this grant are allowed to be spent towards certification fees, for new non-profit organizations, as well as all expenses allowed by the COTTA grant.

  • Community Organizing Training & Technical Assistance (COTTA)
    COTTA was designed to facilitate opportunities for partnerships between Cherokee Nation and its communities within the 14-county jurisdiction, as a self-help catalyst to education and provide technical assistance empowering communities to utilize their own abilities in securing and administering general and federal funding opportunities.

For more information about these in-district grants please email cco-grants@cherokee.org

At Large Grants

  • At-Large Organizational Grant

For more information please email contact@cherokeesatlarge.org