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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for assistance?

First, you must register an account on the Cherokee Nation Gadugi Portal. The Portal allows citizens to update their address, provide a current email address, phone number and provide proof of citizenship. (must enter citizenship number on blue card or photo ID citizenship card).

Once I register on the Gadugi Portal does this mean I am automatically signed up to receive COVID assistance?

No, this means you have updated your information on the Gadugi Portal and starting June 1, the application to apply for COVID-19 relief assistance will be available on the Gadugi Portal. You will need to apply for assistance after you register.

Do I need to fill out a separate registration on the Gadgui Portal for my children who are under the age of 18?

We hope you do. It helps the Cherokee Nation ensure that our citizens addresses are current and that we capture important data to know how to target applications and programming we know will be coming through our COVID assistance programs over the next three years. Education assistance or job training assistance are a few examples.

If you do register your child, please note they will need a valid email that is not a duplicate in the system, in other words cannot be the same as the one you provided for yourself. 

You can also choose to register your child/children as dependents on the application on the Gadugi Portal.

Will information provided for myself or my child be protected?

The Gadugi Portal is a secure database and only used by Cherokee Nation departments with the goal of better assisting our citizens. Instead of having paper copies in Cherokee Nation departments with application information, this is now online and allows departments to easily access the information, which is current and updated.

When do I have to be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation in order to receive the $2,000 COVID assistance payment?

You must be a current Cherokee Nation citizen or have your citizenship application with all supporting documentation turned in and completed by the tribe’s registration department by June 1, 2022.

For instance, if you are expecting a child in December 2021, this allows a parent to turn in the citizenship application for the newborn and registration is adding staff to complete citizenship applications, especially children, by that 2022 deadline.

The earlier you submit your citizenship application and required documentation, the better.

How will the $2,000 checks be sent to citizens?

The Cherokee Nation will open applications starting June 1. More information on payment information will come through a news release and on Cherokee Nation Facebook with those details. In prior COVID assistance, direct deposit and paper checks were both options. We are early in the RRR program using American Rescue Plan funds.

Who is eligible for COVID assistance?

The $2,000 COVID relief is open to every Cherokee Nation citizen living in the reservation, or at large, no matter the age or income. It is open to all citizens to help in COVID recovery. Applications for the $2,000 will be open on the Gadugi Portal starting June 1.