Juvenile Justice

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Juvenile Process

What to expect during the Juvenile Process

Once the parent/guardian receives a letter from DJJ, an intake meeting is set up. An intake consists of an interview with the youth and parents/guardian, where available, to determine whether the child or children has come within the jurisdiction of the Cherokee Nation District Court. This includes information gathered from various sources to determine whether the filing of a petition is necessary.

Persons under the age of 18 may be referred for intake services from various sources, including the police for violation of the law. When referral is received by the DJJ, it is examined and an interview is set with the youth and his/her parent(s)/guardian to gather information in regard to the referral. This interview also may include information related to adjustment in the home, school, and community. A recommendation will be made to the Office of the Attorney General as to whether a petition needs to be filed with the Cherokee Nation District Court or whether the youth’s best interest would be served by other types of services. The decision as to what services are in the best interest of the child and situation rests with the Assistant Attorney General.

  • There are generally four decisions that can be reached at intake:
    A recommendation for dismissal can be made when it appears that the facts do not support the allegations or when it appears no further services are necessary.
  • A referral to services can be made when services away from the Court are available and appropriate. Such services may include counseling, educational classes, service to the community, etc.
  • A deferred prosecution agreement may be utilized. This is a signed contract between the juvenile, parent(s)/guardian, and the Assistant Attorney General. The juvenile is placed on voluntary probation for a period of 1-18 months. The juvenile will be supervised and will follow probation rules and see a Probation Officer.
  • A decision for a petition to be filed may be made if it appears that the Court services such as probation or placement outside the home might be necessary or if there are other mitigating factors.

You will be notified of your court date from DJJ, if given a court date on your ticket please call DJJ office at 918-453-5645.

  • Juvenile Docket
    • Wednesday at 1:00pm, Second Floor of Cherokee Nation – W.W. Keeler Complex 17675 Muskogee Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464
    • Jay docket is second Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm in Tribal Courthouse
      1305 N. Industrial Park Road, Jay, OK 74346 located behind the Sam Hider Health Clinic
  • Traffic Court
    Tuesday at 10:00am, Second Floor of Cherokee Nation – W.W. Keeler Complex 17675 Muskogee Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464

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*The information listed in this section is not meant to imply any recommendations or guarantees related to services. They are merely an open source information that can be found in an internet search.