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The Tribal Employment Rights Office monitors and enforces the Cherokee Nation Tribal TERO Ordinance to ensure employment rights are protected.  Enforcement of employment rights is funded through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (E.E.O.C.)  The TERO office will investigate and mediate employment discrimination complaints involving unfair employment procedures or practices prohibited by Title VII, ADA, ADEA, & EPA.

The TERO office also negotiates for job vacancies with contractors doing business with the Cherokee Nation and refers qualified Native American workers to fill those vacancies.

TERO also maintains a list of Native-owned businesses. This list is used by CNE, CNI and the Cherokee Nation Purchasing Department when letting contracts out for bid.  The TERO Ordinance allows for TERO Certified firms to receive preferential treatment in the bid process.

Applicants wishing to apply as a TERO vendor can apply with the TERO office, where the application and all requested documentation will be reviewed. Once the application is complete a site visit will be conducted, and then the applicant will be invited to meet with the TERO committee which decides to certify or not certify a company. If certified, the vendor name will be placed on the TERO vendor list.  If denied certification, vendors many not reapply for a period of one year.


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Business and Employers Resources provides information to employers to ensure their workforce needs are met.