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Ramona Hittlet

Ramona HittletRamona Hittlet, Cherokee/Creek, is from the Vian, OK, community.  Ramona is the third of four children, with 2 brothers and 1 sister.  Mrs. Hittlet and her husband, Will, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary.

Ramona is a dedicated staff, with 30 years in Cherokee Nation.  She enjoys working with the upcoming generation of leaders of Cherokee Nation and contributing in her own small way toward their growth and development.  A Grant Development Specialist since 2022, Ramona continues to learn as much about the departments of the Nation and the many programs operated for the benefit of the citizens as possible.

She has never considered herself a gardener but has grown to love planting flowers and watching them grow and bloom.  Interestingly, Ramona has been a sewer since elementary school and has created a sewing studio in her house, quilting in her spare time. She also rescues Cross Stitch samplers and quilts from thrift stores because she values the time and effort spent in creating them. 

A quote posted in her office reads: “If you have the time, isn’t everywhere walking distance?”