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American Rescue Plan

The Cherokee Nation is receiving $1.8 billion in COVID-19 recovery funds through President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Deputy Chief Bryan Warner’s proposed spending plan for the funds will provide every Cherokee citizen with a total of $2,000 in direct relief assistance while also bolstering the tribe’s mental health and wellness initiatives, assisting Cherokee-owned small businesses, reinforcing tribal health care services, improving infrastructure, and supporting education, housing, job training and more for Cherokee families.

The American Rescue Plan Act, or "ARPA," provides a $20 billion set aside for tribal governments to help turn the tide of the pandemic, address the economic fallout, and build a strong foundation for recovery.

The Cherokee Nation will begin launching applications for its Respond, Recover and Rebuild COVID-19 assistance using FRF funds through the tribe’s online Gadugi Portal. Applications for direct assistance are expected to be online in June, but citizens are encouraged to register for the Gadugi Portal now to ease the sign-up process later.

Though the tribe’s spending plan is in its early stages, Chief Hoskin said the new Respond, Recover and Rebuild proposal being provided to the Council will be carried out over a total three-year timeframe.

Key components of the proposal, on a percentage basis, include:

  • 43.09% - COVID impact payments to every Cherokee citizen, irrespective of age or residency ($2,000 lump sum payment per citizen via the Gadugi Portal)
  • 4.39% - a-sv-dlv-i Anti-Poverty Initiative)
  • 2.74% - Cherokee Nation Payroll & Hazard Pay
  • 0.27% - COVID Vaccine Education & Outreach
  • 4.39% - Cherokee Nation Workplace Health & Safety Improvements
  • .82% - Food security
  • 6.59% - Housing / Quarantine
  • .22% - PPE
  • 1.1% - Community Partners / CCO
  • 5.49% - Job Training / Small Business / Economic Impact
  • 6.59% - Education / Language / Higher Education Relief & Assistance
  • 9.6% - Government Revenue Replacement
  • 7.13% - Health Infrastructure / Behavioral Health / Wellness Programs
  • 3.18% -  Transportation and Infrastructure (including roads and water)
  • 3.57% - Broadband infrastructure
  • .82% - Financial administration of ARPA Funds

The Council approved the spending resolution at its Executive and Finance Committee and special council meeting May 27. The plan, which can be amended by the Principal Chief and the Council from time to time through the normal budget appropriation process is also subject to the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

The portal can be accessed at https://gadugiportal.cherokee.org.

For any technical issues using the portal, please email support-gadugiportal@cherokee.org.