Secretary of Natural Resources Office


Environmental Programs

The Secretary of Natural Resources provides oversight to Cherokee Nation Environmental Programs (CNEP). CNEP administers a variety of programs and services related to the preservation and conservation of our air, land, water, and animal & plant life. As one of the largest tribal environmental offices in the United States, CNEP has the unique distinction of working not only with local, state, and federal partners but with other tribal nations as well.  By providing technical support and training opportunities, CNEP is continuing the centuries-old tradition of tribes helping tribes.

Under the dedicated leadership of Wayne Isaacs, Sr. Director, this group serves as a tribal resource of environmental professionals working together to preserve and protect our natural resources and our living environments since 1990. Through the implementation of our programs and the devotion of our staff, CNEP supports its mission for this generation and the next.

General Assistance Program

The General Assistance Program continues to help with outreach efforts and assistance with infrastructure development.

Brownfields Tribal Response Program

The Environmental Protection Agency defines a brownfield as property which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of hazardous contaminants.

Clean Air Program

The Clean Air Program operates one of the largest tribal air monitoring networks in the country.

Underground Storage Tank Program

The underground storage tank program has been involved with tank upgrades of existing tanks to meet EPA requirements.

Clean Water Program

The Clean Water Program monitors water quality within the Cherokee Nation.

Superfund Program

The Superfund Program is responsible for assessing and cleaning up abandoned hazardous waste sites.

Radon Program

The radon program conducts sampling of indoor air for radon.

ASTM Site Assessment

Conducting an assessment environmental professionals examine the history of the site and determine if there is cause to suspect previous hazardous materials.

NEPA Environmental Review Record Program

NEPA is a national policy addressing the effect of human activities on the natural environment.

Pesticides Program

To protect public health and the environment from unreasonable risk posed by pesticides and to promote safer means of pest control.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection Program

In coordination with the Housing Authority, the CNEP conducts inspections and risk assessments of lead-based paint within structures.

Lead-Based Paint Certification Program

Licensed certified professionals work on LBP issues within the Cherokee Nation ensuring citizens are protected from issues related to lead-based paint.

Solid Waste Program

Solid waste management on or near tribal lands is a continuing concern for Cherokee Nation.