Secretary of Natural Resources Office

Frequently Asked Questions

All information provided within this FAQ applies to Cherokee Nation Citizens and is effective January 1, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Cherokee Nation citizen check in their deer, turkey, etc. from a cell phone?

Yes, but a reliable internet connection or cell service is required for successful submission.

Is there a bag limit?

Yes, in accordance with Cherokee Nation law, bag limits and season dates adopted by the State of Oklahoma apply within the Cherokee Nation Reservation.

What happens if a Cherokee Nation citizen receives a ticket for not having a state-issued hunting/fishing license?

It is possible that you could be cited for hunting and fishing without a license. Cherokee Nation and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation have cross-deputization agreements to ensure enforcement of tribal and state wildlife laws across the Cherokee Nation Reservation. If you receive a ticket from an Oklahoma game warden while hunting within the Cherokee Nation reservation boundaries, please contact the Cherokee Nation Wildlife Department at

What if I’m not a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen?

Any Oklahoma resident with a valid State of Oklahoma hunting and/or fishing license can hunt within the Cherokee Nation reservation in accordance with applicable law and respect for private property rights.