Secretary of Natural Resources Office

Fish and Wildlife

In 2016 the Cherokee Nation became a frontrunner in establishing a tribal-state hunting and fishing compact. The agreement allows Cherokee Nation to issue a hunting and fishing license along with a deer and spring turkey tag free of charge to citizens. Licenses provide Cherokees with all privileges of an Oklahoma hunting and fishing license.

The agreement between the Cherokee Nation and Oklahoma was the first of its kind in the country and is mutually beneficial to the tribe and the State. Cherokee Nation’s involvement boosts licensure and equates to millions of dollars each year to the Wildlife Department through federal grant money. Additional funding is used for wildlife conservation, aiding fish and wildlife management across the tribal jurisdiction and throughout the state of Oklahoma.

To request a Hunting and Fishing License simply download "The Hunting & Fishing Citizen Update Form", which can be found under Downloadable Forms. Return the completed form via mail or email to

The Cherokee Nation Fish and Wildlife Association supports the ethical, respectful preservation of our land, wildlife, and natural resources.