The Respond, Recover and Rebuild Disability Assistance Program Deadline is now extended to Friday, Nov. 13. Now open to all Disabled Cherokee Nation Veterans receiving VA benefits, who live both in and outside the Cherokee Nation reservation. Cherokees with disabilities living within the reservation may also apply for the $300 COVID assistance payment. Apply below.

Financial Reports

When the Cherokee Independent Press Act of 2000 (Legislative Act 11-00) was approved by the Tribal Council and signed into law by then-Principal Chief Chad Smith in July 2000, Section 10 of that act superseded previous legislation requiring the publication of the council meeting minutes and the travel expenses of elected officials on the Cherokee Nation Web site and quarterly notification of Cherokee Phoenix readers that the information was posted on the Web site.

Section 10, titled Publications Requirements and Codification, states

On a quarterly basis a public service announcement will be published, stating that copies of council meeting minutes and travel expenses of elected officials will be posted on the Cherokee Nation Web Site and be available through the Internet to fulfill the intent of previous legislative acts requiring such publications. This act shall be codified in conformance with the format and the requirements of Cherokee Nation Code Annotation Title 25.