Sequoyah Schools

The Sequoyah school program offers middle and high school education for Native American students in grades 7-12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to wait until my school is out for the summer to turn in my admission application?
A: No. Start on your admission application as soon as possible. Send it in to Sequoyah when it is complete, to start your file, then send your final grades from your previous school once they become available.

Q: My child does not have a CDIB card; will mine suffice?
A: No. Your child must have their his or her own CDIB card to apply. Start work on getting one right away by visiting the registration information page listed below.

Q: Does my child have to live in the dorms to attend Sequoyah?
A: No. Sequoyah offers dormitory housing, but students are not required to stay in the dorms. Students may commute daily or ride one of Sequoyah’s buses if they live in the bus route area.

Eligibility Requirements

CDIB (Federally recognized tribes)

Additional Requirements

Students must complete an application for admission, have and maintain a 2.25 grade point average, supply 3 letters of reference and have no disciplinary infractions at any previous school in order to to be considered for admission.

Additional Information

Public Information: 918-453-5175

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Email: 918-207-0950