Co-Partners JOM

The Cherokee Nation Co-Partner Program - also known as Johnson O’Malley or more commonly, JOM - is designed to provide supplemental and/or operational support to public schools within Cherokee Nation boundries serving eligible Indian students from three years of age through 12th grade. The desired outcomes of this program are to increase Indian student achievement levels and encourage the use of cultural enrichment initiatives within JOM programs in place in public schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Johnson-O’Malley (JOM)?
A: A federal program whose main objective is to ensure Indian Children children receive educational opportunities that would not otherwise be provided through the public school system. JOM is a supplemental program providing special services to Indian students based on the needs of individual communities.

Q: Does JOM buy clothing for students?
A: No. JOM does not buy any type of clothing for students.

Q: Can Indian students get services with a parent’s or other relative’s CDIB card?
A: No. Indian students must have their own CDIB card or tribal membership card to be eligible for JOM services.

Q: Where do I pick up my child/children’s school supplies?
A: You must contact the school your child/children attends for information on school supply distribution.

Q: Does JOM buy letter jackets, shoes, class pictures or class rings for students?
A: No. JOM does not buy any of these items.

Q: Does JOM buy digital cameras or computers?
A: No. JOM does not buy any technical equipment or devices.

Q: Does JOM provide field trips for students?
A: Sometimes. The field trip must be culturally appropriate and must be an incentive or award for perfect attendance, improved grades, citizenship or any other measureable academic outcome.

Q: Are scholarships offered through JOM?
A: No. JOM does not award any scholarships.

Q: Does my child have to be Cherokee to receive JOM services?
A: No. JOM provides services to students from ages three through grade 12 who are one-quarter degree or more Indian or a member of a federally-recognized tribe.

Q: Does JOM provide tutoring?
A: No. Title VII or other federal programs may provide this service in the school.

Cherokee Nation JOM only provides services within Cherokee Nation boundaries.

Additional Requirements

Eligible Indian students include children ages three years through 12th grade, except those enrolled in federal, private or parochial schools; who are certified as 1/4 or more degree of Indian blood or are tribal members and are recognized by the Secretary of the Interior as being eligible for Bureau of Indian Affairs services.

General Contact (918)-453-5000 OR 1-800-256-0671