CCO COTTA Grants and Applications Announcement

The Cherokee Nation Community and Cultural Outreach (CCO) department is proud to announce the opening of the Community Organizing Training and Technical Assistance (COTTA) Program 2015 Sub-Award (Request for Proposal & Grant Application) RFP available on October 1, 2015. These documents can be picked up at the CCO/COTTA office at 5000 S. Muskogee Ave in Tahlequah, OK. The CCO staff will be available to review and answer any questions during normal business hours.  

The application deadline is November 18, 2015, by 5 P.M.

The COTTA Program’s mission is to assist community-based organizations ability to increase their effectiveness; enhance essential services to those most in need, and build upon the organizational capacity of each community, diversify resources, and create collaborations to serve those in Cherokee Nation jurisdictional communities.

The COTTA Sub-award grants awarded must be utilized for capacity building activities and expenditures that further the sustainability of the grantees’ social service efforts. The projects allowable through this grant opportunity include leadership, organizational, and program development, a collaboration of community engagement, and evaluation effectiveness.  Sub-awardees may receive up to $7,500 in financial assistance for activities that relate to the five key areas of capacity building. In addition, grant recipients will receive technical assistance, in critical areas of need, based on an organizational effectiveness assessment conducted at the onset and conclusion of the grant period.  This assistance will be provided by COTTA and will consist of on-site assistance and additional assistance by phone, indirect or email throughout the grant year.

For further information and/or questions please contact:

Chris Welch
Office: 918-207-4953
Mobile: 918-316-4834


Brad Wagnon
Office: 918-453-5000 x7226
Mobile: 918-718-5522


NOTE: The Financial report document (see below) is a Microsoft Excel file (xls) containing tabs at the bottom, one for each month. This will allow the maintenance and reporting of all financials to be in one file.


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
2015-2016 CCO COTTA Capacity Grant ApplicationKevin Stretch StretchGrant Application10/7/2015702.30 KBDownload
2015-2016 CCO COTTA Community Work RFPKevin Stretch StretchGrant Proposal10/7/2015281.25 KBDownload
2015-2016 CCO COTTA New Organization Grant ApplicationKevin Stretch StretchGrant Application10/7/2015601.46 KBDownload
Cherokee Community Values PosterKevin Stretch StretchPosters8/17/20152.43 MBDownload
Cherokee Festivals PosterKevin Stretch StretchPosters8/17/20151.13 MBDownload
Cherokee Marbles GuideKevin Stretch StretchCultural Enrichment7/16/20155.96 MBDownload
Cherokee Prayer PosterKevin Stretch StretchPosters8/17/20155.17 MBDownload
Cherokee Warrior (Veteran's) PosterKevin Stretch StretchCultural11/11/20161.62 MBDownload
FY 2015 Cherokee Nation W9 Form (doc)Kevin Stretch StretchForms10/15/2014666.50 KBDownload