Cherokee Nation Career Services strives to develop and encourage individuals to achieve and maintain work habits and skills that promote employability and self-sufficiency through programs that encompass education, training, rehabilitation and support services.


Cherokee Nation Commerce Services is dedicated to helping build the economic security of Cherokee citizens and communities. Education and financial assistance is available to help Native Americans achieve their personal and business objectives.


The mission of Community Services is to improve the quality of life for Cherokee families by assisting with housing, roads, water, sanitation and environment health while maintaining the cultural sensitivity, promoting pride, and challenging each individual to be productive and responsible community members.


Cherokee Nation Education Services works to cultivate the development of skilled and knowledgeable Cherokees through operation of programs that focus resources on serving people of all ages. From childhood development to adulthood, tribal citizens can benefit from services provided by these programs both within and outside the Oklahoma public school system.


Dedicated to working with our communities, families and individuals promoting and improving health within the Cherokee Nation. Cherokee Nation Health Services is an integrated health system of eight ambulatory health centers, a hospital and various programs which makes the system multi-faceted, providing strategically planned care, prevention and health promotion.

Housing Authority

Providing qualified applicants with housing-related services including homeowners insurance, home rehabilitation and emergency assistance, low-income rental assistance and senior housing.

Human Services

The Cherokee Nation offers many Human Services programs to its citizens and to other Native Americans throughout its tribal jurisdiction. These services range from childcare and development to low-income heating and energy assistance.

Indian Child Welfare

Remembering our past, protecting the present and securing our future for generations to come by providing an array of protective, supportive, and child focused services to families needing assistance in maintaining a self sufficient and healthy environment.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources works to manage the land base and natural resources in a manner that respects Tribal, community, environmental, and cultural/traditional values, while providing the need for assistance to assure the survival and growth of those natural resources.

One Fire

The Charles L. Head O.N.E. F.I.R.E. Against Violence Victim Services Office provides services to increase the safety for victims of crime. O.N.E. F.I.R.E. stands for Our Nation Ending Fear, Intimidation, Rape, and Endangerment.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services is responsible for administering the laws, regulations, policies and procedures protecting and managing Cherokee Nation lands and the restricted and trust lands of individual Indians within the 14-county jurisdictional area of Cherokee Nation.

Tribal Citizenship

Today the Cherokee Nations is more than 315,000 citizens strong, young and old. To be eligible for Cherokee Nation citizenship, individuals must provide documents connecting them to an enrolled lineal ancestor who is listed on the Dawes Roll with a blood degree.

Tax Commission

Its purpose as set forth in the Cherokee Nation Tax Code - "is to raise revenues, in a fair and efficient manner, to enable the government of the Cherokee Nation to provide governmental services to citizens of the Cherokee Nation and to promote tribal economic development, self-sufficiency and a strong tribal government."