About The Commission


The Cherokee Nation Election Commission carries out Legislative Act No. 04-14 the Cherokee Nation Code Annotated, and the Constitution of the Cherokee Nation for the purpose of conducting all Cherokee Nation Elections. It is our mandate to be of service to the Cherokee Tribal members and every effort will be made to fulfill it as well as stay in compliance with Legislative Act 04-14


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Cherokee Nation Election Commissioners

Teresa Hart- Interim Chairperson
Martha Calico- Secretary/Treasurer
Shawna Calico- Commissioner
Carolyn Allen- Commissioner

Pamela Sellers-Commissioner

Contact Information:
Election Commission
P. O. Box 1188
Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465-1188

918-458-5899 or 1-800-353-2895
Fax 918-458-6101


22116 S. Bald Hill Rd, Tahlequah, OK 74464