Principal Chief's Office

The Executive Branch of the Cherokee Nation is charged with the execution of the laws of the Cherokee Nation, establishment of tribal policy and delegation of authority as necessary for the day-to-day operations of all programs and enterprises administered by the Cherokee Nation tribal government. These offices include the Principal Chief, Deputy Principal Chief and four cabinet positions.

Attorney General

Article VII, Section 13, of the Cherokee Nation Constitution states: There shall be created an office of the Attorney General. The Attorney General shall be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, admitted to practice law before the highest court of any state of the United States. The Attorney General shall represent the Nation in all criminal cases in the courts of the Nation, and in all civil actions wherein the Cherokee Nation is named as a party, and shall have such other duties as the Council may

Government Relations

Cherokee Nation Government Relations (CNGR) provides direction to the executive branch on national, state, and local issues. The group assesses the administrative policies and legislative activities of other governments, determines the potential affect, and attempts to influence the outcomes in the Cherokee Nation's best interests.