On The Job Training For Contractors



On The Job Training is targeted for businesses to create jobs for Cherokee citizens.

What is OJT?


  • OJT is a contractual agreement made between you (the business) and the Cherokee Nation.
  • OJT is a wise, cost-effective way to staff positions with job-ready, pre-screened applicants.
  • OJT is employee training at the place of work while the participant is doing the actual job.

How does OJT work?

  1.  We match applicants with the jobs opened at your business.
  2.  You hire and train new employees based on our agreed terms.
  3.  You will get reimbursed for the costs of training during the OJT period.


Business Benefits

  • Payment to offset hiring and training costs.
  • Job ready applicants whose skills have been assessed to meet your job specifications - you decide who to hire.
  • Training takes place at your location, on your equipment, under your guidance.
  • Reimbursement for training the new employee is 50 percent of the hourly wage for a period up to six months - length of the time is negotiated per contract.
  • Prompt reimbursement payments with a minimum of paperwork.
  • Opportunity for Tax Credit(s).
  • Consultation and technical assistance throughout all phases of the OJT.


At a Glance - Who can you hire?

  • Applicants who are pre-qualified by our office and referred to you.
  • Applicants you send to us for eligibility screening; we will notify you if they qualify.
  • You hire per your normal hiring procedures. From day one, they are your employee and subject to your company policies.


Are there any restrictions?

  • OJT participants are restricted to those who are citizens of a federally-recognized Cherokee tribe (Cherokee Nation, United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians or Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians).
  • The rate of pay and benefits must be comparable to what you pay others doing similar work.
  • Jobs must be full-time occupations with growth potential that results in permanent employment.


How to get the process started

  1. A standardized OJT contract will be completed with your company. The contract will contain all the terms of the agreement for both parties, including a detailed agreed-upon training schedule. With this contract in place, we can begin to screen candidates for your job position(s).
  2. We will need your Worker's Compensation Insurance and Employer Federal Tax Identification Number.
  3. This process takes about the same time as when you are hiring a non-OJT employee. The process of writing and negotiating the OJT contract and establishing a training schedule can take up to two weeks.


Contact Information

For more information regarding On The Job Training please contact:

Travis Gulley

Coordinator, Jobs / Business and Development

Career Services

Cherokee Nation


855-487-5627 (JOBS)