All Delegates must register before taking their seat in the Delegates Reserved Seating Area of the Convention Hall.

Delegates must wear their identification issued by the Credentials Committee at all times throughout the Convention.

Delegates shall be seated together in the section reserved for them, and shall be seated at least five minutes before scheduled meeting time.

The Credentials Committee Chairperson, directly after the opening ceremonies of the Convention, shall report the number of delegates and alternates registered and present.

A quorum shall be a majority of the Delegates registered and present at the time the Convention opens. 

Delegates and Alternate Delegates shall swear their oath at the same time, and shall not relinquish their badge to any other person.

If an alternate is to replace a registered Delegate, the Credentials Committee must certify the eligibility of the alternate, register, and cause the oath to be administered before the alternate can be seated as a Delegate. No alternate or other person can substitute for a Delegate who remains registered.

Only registered Delegates of the Convention shall be entitled to sponsor proposals, make motions, debate and vote.

All motions regarding substantiative change to constitutional language shall be submitted in writing to the Chair via a Page, immediately on presentation.

In order to obtain the floor to debate or present motions, with exception of motions that do not require recognition, Delegates shall address the Chair, give their name and wait for recognition. Delegates shall declare whether presenting, speaking for or against a motion pending on the floor.

Debate shall be limited to three minutes for each speaker and fifteen minutes for each question. No member shall speak more than once on the same question until all have spoken who wish to do so. Debate shall continue until time has expired, or a proper motion to extend time or to stop debate and call for the question is made.

All doors to the meeting hall will be closed while votes are being counted and no one may leave or enter until count is concluded.

Audio/video/photographic recording shall be permitted provided it is not disruptive to the conduct of the convention.

Announcements pertaining to the convention shall be permitted. The announcement must be in writing, signed by the Delegate and submitted to the Convention Secretary prior to each recess. 

Any person who attends the business meetings shal conduct themselves so as to be a credit to the convention. Any person not displaying exemplary behavior shall be subject to removal by order of the presiding officer.

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the Convention in all cases where applicable and where they are not inconsistent with the Constitution of the Cherokee Nation, and of these Standing Rules. 

Prior to the close of the Convention, a Style Committee shall be appointed to conduct final editing and proofing of any amendments, alterations, revisions, or new constitution adopted by the Convention. This Style Committee shall be authorized to only make necessary corrections to errors in grammar, punctuation, and repetitious phrases or clauses.

Once adopted, these Standing Rules may only be suspended, revised, or amended, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Delegates.