Cherokee Nation supports new Nowata County sheriff with $11,000 donation



Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr., Deputy Speaker of the Tribal Council Victoria Vazquez, Nowata County Sheriff Sandy Hadley, Tribal Councilor Dick Lay.

NOWATA, Okla. — Nowata County’s new sheriff is receiving moral and financial support from the Cherokee Nation. Nowata County Sheriff Sandy Hadley was sworn in April 5 and continues to settle into her office in the Nowata County Courthouse.

Hadley greeted Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr., Deputy Speaker of the Tribal Council Victoria Vazquez and Tribal Councilor Dick Lay when the three visited Hadley’s office Thursday to thank her for serving the Nowata County communities.

“We want Sheriff Hadley to know she has the support of the Cherokee Nation. We understand the challenges facing many law enforcement agencies are no different in Nowata, from limited financial resources to small staff sizes,” Hoskin said. “The Cherokee Nation has been able to provide $11,000 to Sheriff Hadley’s department, but more than anything we want her to know how much we appreciate her and the staff of this office. We look forward to being a partner in their success.”

Councilor Lay recently donated $7,000 to the sheriff’s department from the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council’s law enforcement fund.

“The men and women law enforcement officers of Nowata and Nowata County Sheriff’s Office day in and day out protect and serve the citizens of Nowata County. The Cherokee Nation supports their efforts,” Councilor Lay said.

During Thursday’s visit with Sheriff Hadley, Deputy Speaker Vazquez gave another $4,000 to the department from the tribe’s law enforcement fund.

Hadley’s department is free to use the money as necessary.

“The commitment of law enforcement officers to their community does not go unnoticed by the Cherokee Nation,” Vazquez said. “I appreciate what the Nowata County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Hadley are doing for both Cherokees and non-Cherokees by serving and protecting. I wish them well as they continue in their mission.”

Aside from financial support, Secretary Hoskin invited Hadley to connect with the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service for training opportunities and surplus equipment that could be available in the future.

“I have been very supported and I believe with that support, we can do anything and we can handle everything,” Hadley said. “As long as we have a good attitude and keep it upbeat, we’ll succeed, and of course the support from the Cherokee Nation is so appreciated and important. You don’t know what this can do for the safety of our law enforcement who are working with very little. I can’t thank the Cherokee Nation enough.”

Nowata County is home to roughly 10,500 people in northern Oklahoma along the Kansas border.

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