Cherokee Nation Newsletters

Notes from the Chief

20170419_Preserving our historic places
20170411_Voter Registration
20170403_STEM creates professionals Cherokee Nation needs in the future
20170327_Public Education Important to the Cherokee
20170320_New Tribal Homes Construction Continues
20170313_Women Fill Important Roles in the Cherokee Nation
20170307_National Treasures book honors culture keepers
20170228_New Day for Cherokee Healthcare
20170214_Cherokee Nation, state of Oklahoma seek to halt burial of radioactive waste
20170206_Competitors Share Tribal Heritage
20170116_Creating New Cherokee Speakers
20170109_The importance of our elders
20161219_Tis the season for gratitude
20161212_Cherokee Nation files suit over "Broken Treaties"
20161128_Standing Rock
20161031_Cultural Tourism is important to the Cherokee Nation
20161024_Promoting Clean Energy
Cherokee Nation attracts jobs and businesses to Oklahoma
20160919- Record budget allows Cherokee Nation to expand critical programs
20160912_Cherokee National Treasures
20160829_CNB Spurs Economic Growth
20160822_Cherokee Nation Fish and Wildlife Association
20160815_Cherokee National Holiday
20160805_Small Business Assistance
20160725_Cherokee Nation hosts National Native American Veterans Memorial conversation
20160715_Cherokee Nation supports 4-H mission for Oklahoma youth
20160705_RES Economic Summit
20160621_Foster families needed for Cherokee children
20160606_Opioid Addiction
20160517_Cabinet for Children and Families
20160506_Cherokee Citizens in At-Large Communities
20160425_State Question 777 is bad for Oklahoma
20160418_Strengthening the American Indian Arts and Crafts Sales Act
20160411_Blue Ribbon Tree raises awareness of child abuse
20160404_New home construction program
20160328_New scholarship matching program
20160321_Women fill important roles in Cherokee culture and government
20160314_Tribal Housing Program
20160307_IHS partnership
20160222_Notes From The Chief: Making history by curing hepatitis C
20160216_Notes From The Chief: 4.7 Million to Public Education
20160209_Notes From The Chief: State Budget Woes