Creating a renewed sense of hope for Cherokee Nation citizens is vital to our success.

Increasing and improving access to education, career, health care and housing programs will instill that hope. Hope for a better today, hope for a better future, and hope for our children to live, prosper and raise their families so they are proud of our heritage.

After more than a decade of being dormant we have re-energized our Housing Program. We are building homes again for Cherokee citizens. Additionally, we made health care a priority. We expanded services and allocated more funds than ever to protecting the health of our people. We created an elder care stipend to assist some of our most vulnerable citizens in dealing with the cost of heating and cooling their homes. At Sequoyah Schools, we have recommitted ourselves to being responsible and accountable to our students and families.

Cherokee families matter first and foremost; all of our decisions are based on making life better for Cherokee people.