Resolution of Council

Resolved by the National Committee and Council In General Council Convened, That from and after the passing of this act any citizen or citizens of this Nation who shall bind themselves by enrolment or otherwise emigrants to Arkansas or for the purpose of removing out of the jurisdictional limits of the Nation, he, she, or they, enrolling or otherwise binding themselves shall forfeit thereby all the rights and privileges he, she, or they may have previously thereto claimed or enjoyed as citizens of this Nation and shall be viewed in the same light as others not entitled to citizenship and treated accordingly.

Sec. 2d. Be it further resolved that if any person or persons as citizens of this Nation shall sell or disposed of his, her or their improvements to any person or persons so enrolled or otherwise bound as above mentioned he, she, or they shall be viewed as having disposed of his, her, or their improvements to a citizen of the United States, and shall be ineligible to hold any office of honor, profit or trust in this nation, and upon conviction thereof before any of the circuit courts of the several Districts be fined in a sum not less than one thousand dollars not exceeding two thousands dollars and punished with one hundred lashes.

Sec. 3d. Be it further Resolved, in order to prevent any person or persons from screening, him, her, or themselves from the penalties above prescribed by pretending to have sold or disposed of his, her, or their improvements to a lawful citizen and not an emigrant, all citizens of this Nation who may hereafter buy, sell or dispose of in any manner their improvements to each other, be, and they are hereby required, the disposer as well as the purchaser of such improvements to make affidavit, to be filed in the clerks office of the District, before any of the District Judges or clerks of the several courts, that he, she, or they did not dispose or transfer, purchase, or obtain said improvement, for the purpose of having it valued by U. S. Commissioners or agents, or were not acting as agents of emigrants in making such purchase or transfer; and in case any person or persons who shall fail to comply with this requirement, such person or persons shall upon conviction before any of the circuit courts in this Nation, pay a fine of not less than one dollar nor exceeding two hundred dollars for every offence so committed.

Be it further resolved, that any citizen or citizens of this nation who shall dispose of or transfer his, her, or their improvements without complying with the requisition of the third section of this act, and the person or persons to whom the sale or transfer of such improvements may be made, should thereafter by enrolment or otherwise become as emigrant or emigrants, & shall get said improvement or improvements valued by Agents of the Gen. Government within thirty days after such purchase or transfer shall have been made, or at any time whilst the disposer continues to remain in possession of the same, then in that case the person or persons who may have so disposed of or transferred the improvement or improvements as aforesaid, shall be subject to the same penalty prescribed in the 2d. section of this act, for disposing of improvements to emigrants.

Be it further Resolved, that any person or persons whosoever who have bound themselves by enrolment or otherwise as emigrants under the treaty of May 1828, with the Arkansas Cherokees, or who have had, or intend to have their improvements valued by the agents of the Gen. Government, and do not remove out of the jurisdictional limits of this nation within fifteen days after the passage of this act, they shall be viewed and treated as intruders in the same manner as those who may become emigrants hereafter.

Sec. 5th Be it further Resolved,that the Principal chief of the Nation be, & he is hereby authorized, by and with the advice of the executive counsellors, to order the apprehension of any intruders within the limits of this nation to be delivered over to the agent of the United States for the Cherokees to be prosecuted under the intercourse laws of the United States, or to expel "or to punish them or not as they please."

New Echota, Oct. 31, 1829.
Lewis Ross, Pres`t N. Comm.
Going Snake, Speaker.
Wm. S. Coody Clk. N. Comm.
Jno. Ridge Clerk N. Com.
Approved- Jno Ross