A Cherokee Law from 1822

New Town, C. N. Oct. 23, 1822.


WHEREAS, it appears in the prints of the public newspapers, that

in consequence of the earnest solicitations of the Governor and legislature of the State of Georgia, the Congress of the United States did appropriate a sum of money last session, with a view of holding a treaty with the Cherokees for the purpose of extinguishing their title to lands within the chartered limits, claimed by the State of Georgia,

and it also appearing in the public prints that the President of the United States has appointed Commissioners in conformity to the views of said appropriation,

and anticipating a call by the commissioners; the head chiefs of the Cherokee nation requested the judges to ascertain the sentiments and disposition of the citizens of their respective districts on the subject,

and to report the same to them, which reports having been accordingly made and now laid before the national committee and council, declaring, unanimously, with one voice and determination, to hold no treaties with any commissioners of the United States to make any cession of lands being resolved not to dispose of even one foot of ground:

 BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN AND REMEMBERED, That we the undersigned members of the national committee and council, after maturely deliberating on the subject,

Resolved, That the chiefs of the Cherokee nation, will not meet any commissioners of the United States to hold a treaty with them on the subject of making cession of lands, the property of the Cherokee nation, as we are determined hereafter never to make any cession of lands, having not more than sufficient for our nation and posterity. But on any other business not relating to making a treaty of cession, we will, at all times during the cession of the national council, at New Town, receive the United States' commissioners or agents, and with friendship and cordiality, and will ever keep bright the chain of peace and friendship which links the Cherokee nation, and the government of the United States.

 By order of the National Committee,

JNO. ROSS, Pres't N. Committee.
Approved-- PATH x KILLER,
A. M'COY, Clerk.

The above is signed by upwards of fifty-four members of both branches of the legislative council and committee.