Cherokee National Female Seminary Notes

A history of the Female Seminary would be incomplete without a mention of its "brother" institution.

The two schools are so closely allied as to their history, course of study, and social life that they are generally regarded as one institution.

It is located one mile and a half west of Tahlequah on a small eminence overlooking its own farm lands and the surrounding country. The old part of the building is modeled after the Park Hill Seminary. After several years, a three-story addition was made. Upon the first floor are recitation rooms, chapel, study hall, library, laboratory, text book room, parlor, dining room, kitchen, and Steward's apartments. Upon the second floor are teacher's and student's rooms and bath rooms, and upon the third are students' rooms and storage rooms. There are about eighty-five available rooms and all are ventilated from without and by open courts from within.