Cherokee National Female Seminary Notes

This department is under the direct supervision of a medical superintendent, who, since the last treaty, is appointed by the Department of Education. He is assisted in his work by a matron in charge of the sick.

Six rooms, including bath on the third floor of the building, have been reserved for use as a hopsital. These rooms have been properly furnished and are well equipped for the care and confort of the sick. Every sanitary precaution has been taken and the health record of the school is excellent.

Dr. C. M. Ross, the Medical Superintendent, was born in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, December 17, 1868. He is the grandson of the chief, John Ross. He was educated at the Cherokee Male Seminary from which institution he was graduated in 1887. He then entered the Missouri Medical College at St. Louis, Missouri, and was graduated from there March 31, 1891. He returned to Tahlequah and engaged in local practice until November, 1896, when he was selected by joint ballot of the National Council and commissioned by the principal chief as Medical Superintendent of the Seminary.

Dr. Ross also served as Superintendent of the Male Seminary, Insane Hospital and Orphanage.

Miss Jennie Martin, who was educated at the Howard-Payne College, Fayette, Missiour, is matron is charge of the sick.