Treaty of Tellico

October 24, 1804
7 Stat. 228

Articles of a treaty between the United States of America and the Cherokee Indians.

DANIEL SMITH and Return J. Meigs, being commissioned by Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, with powers of acting in behalf of the said United States, in arranging certain matters with the Cherokee nation of Indians; and the underwritten principal Chiefs, representing the said nation, having met the said Commissioners in a conference at Tellico, and having taken into their consideration certain propositions made to them by the said Commissioners of the United States; the parties aforesaid, have unanimously agreed and stipulated, as is definitely expressed in the following articles: /A/

ARTICLE 1st. For the considerations hereinafter expressed, the Cherokee nation relinquish and cede to the United States, a tract of land bounding, southerly, on the boundary line between the State of Georgia and the said Cherokee nation, beginning at a point on the said boundary line northeasterly of the most northeast plantation, in the settlement known by the name of Wafford's Settlement, and running at right angles with the said boundary line four miles into the Cherokee land; thence at right angles southwesterly and parallel to the first mentioned boundary line, so far as that a line, to be run at right angles southerly to the said first mentioned boundary line, shall include, in this cession, all the plantations in Wafford's settlement, so called, as aforesaid. /B/

ARTICLE 2d. For, and in consideration of, the relinquishment and cession, as expressed in the first article, the United States, upon signing the present Treaty, shall cause to be delivered to the Cherokees, useful goods, wares, and merchandise, to the amount of five thousand dollars, or that sum in money, at the option (timely signified) of the /C/ Cherokees, and shall, also, cause to be delivered, annually, to them, other useful goods to the amount of one thousand dollars, or money to that amount, at the option of the Cherokees, timely notice thereof being given, in addition to the annuity, heretofore stipulated, and to be delivered at the usual time of their receiving their annuity.

In witness of all and everything, herein determined, between the United States and the Cherokee nation, the parties have hereunto set their hands and seal, in the garrison of Tellico, on Cherokee ground, within the United States, this twenty-fourth day of October, in the year one thousand eight hundred and four, and in the twenty-ninth year of the independence and sovereignty of the United States.

Daniel Smith, (L.S.)

Return J. Meigs, (L.S.)

Tolluntuskie, his x mark, (L.S.)

Broom, his x mark, (L.S.)

J. McLamore, his x mark, (L.S.)

Quotequeskee, his x mark, (L.S.)

Path Killer, his x mark, (L.S.)

Tagustiskee, his x mark, (L.S.)

Tulio, his x mark, (L.S.)

Sour Mush, his x mark, (L.S.)

Keatehee, his x mark, (L.S.)

James Vann. (L.S.)


Rob. Purdy, secretary,

John McKee,

Jno. Campbell, captain, second U.S. Regiment, Com.,

John Brahan, lieutenant, second Regiment, infantry,

Thos. J. Van Dyke, Sur. Mate.,

Wm. Charp,

Hinchey Pettway,

Wm. L. Lovely, assistant agent,

Ch. Hicks, interpreter. A/ Proclamation, May 17, 1824. B/ Cession of land by Cherokees. C/ Useful goods to amount of $5,000 to be paid them as an annuity.