1828 Cherokee Census Information

1828 Cherokee Census Information

Cherokee / Creek Boundary Line

As published in the Cherokee Phoenix, 1828

Cherokee Strip Livestock Association

Newspaper article regarding Board of Directors' Meeting

Cherokee Strip Livestock Association

An excerpt from the Caldwell Journal describing the circumstances surrounding the "Cherokee Strip Livestock Association Payment".

Cherokee Strip Tax Arrearages

The Caldwell Journal, September 20, 1883

Cherokees and Thanksgiving

The Cherokees were raising corn as early as 1,000 BC. Before European contact the Cherokees were already participating in a thanksgiving ceremony; the most important ceremony of the year, called the "Green Corn Ceremony."

Council Meetings from 1829

As published in the Cherokee Phoenix, 1829.

High Sheriff’s Duties

Regular duties of the High Sheriff, 1875

History You Can Hear

Sit back and listen to Janelle Adair and Richard Birdtail talk about Cherokee history, set to relaxing music.

Inspiring Postscript

An inspiring postscript taken from a letter from John Rollin Ridge to his mother, in which he asked that it be passed on to Stand Watie.

Memories of the Civil War

Recollections as reported in the Indian-Pioneer Papers.

Old Settlers and Emigrants

The difference in the two groups as explained by Cherokee Principal Chief Thomas Buffington.

Our History

The twin spirits of survival and perseverance carried the Cherokee to Indian Territory along the Trail of Tears. Those same spirits lead us in today's complex and ever-changing world.

Resolution of the Cherokee Nation

Rattlesnake Springs, Tennessee 1838

Roadway Through the Strip

The Cherokee Advocate copies an item published in the JOURNAL in reference to roadways through the Strip, and makes the following comments.

Sequoyah and the Cherokee Syllabary

A history of Sequoyah, creator of the Cherokee Syllabary

The Cherokee and the Civil War

The Cherokee Nation, while itself not a state, was nevertheless involved in the War Between the States as a "foreign ally". While some Cherokee troops were aligned with the Union, many aligned themselves with the Confederacy.

The Cherokee Rosebuds

Excerpts from "The Cherokee Rosebuds," the newspaper of the Cherokee National Female Seminary

The Origin of Gadugi

Gadugi....working together, is a prime focus of the Cherokee Nation. Read about it's origin here.

The Texas Cherokee

The Texas Cherokee were a branch of the Cherokee Nation who had lived in our ancestral homeland in the Southeastern United States. In 1839, the Cherokee were forced on the Trail of Tears to Indian Territory.

Treaty of Hopewell, 1785

Treaty of Hopewell, 1785

Treaty of Philadelphia

February 17, 1792

Treaty of Philadelphia

June 26, 1794

Treaty of Tellico

October 27, 1805

Treaty of Tellico

October 24, 1804

Treaty of Tellico

October 25, 1805

Treaty of the Cherokee (1798, Oct. 2)

Treaty of the Cherokee (1798, Oct. 2)

Treaty of Washington I

February 27, 1819

Treaty of Washington III

March 14, 1835

Treaty with the Cherokee, 1806

Treaty with the Cherokee, 1806

Treaty with the Cherokee, 1816

Treaty with the Cherokee, 1816