Inspiring Postscript

An inspiring postscript taken from a letter from John Rollin Ridge to his mother, in which he asked that it be passed on to Stand Watie. It was found among the Stand Watie papers, and is dated October 5, 1855:

". . . If I can once see the Cherokees admitted into the Union as a State, then I am satisfied. Until then, whether I win laurels as a writer in a distant land, or whether I toil in the obscurity of some mountain village over the dull routine of a small legal practice, winning my way by slow and painful steps to wealth and influence in this far-off state (California), I will bear that holy purpose in my heart of hearts. . . And if I fail in all that I undertake, and lie down to die, with this great purpose unfulfilled, my last prayer shall be for its consummation, and the consequent happiness of the Cherokee People!!!. . . . . "

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