Cherokee Declaration of Causes (October 28, 1861)

Declaration by the People of the Cherokee Nation of the Causes Which Have Impelled Them to Unite Their Fortunes With Those of the Confederate States of America.

First Telephone in Indian Territory

The Cherokee telephone company which placed in operation the first line in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, came into existence in 1886. A franchise authorizing the erection of the line was granted by the Cherokee National Council at Tahlequah in the autumn of 1885. Work was begun the following year and before its close the first telephone line was a reality, connecting Tahlequah with Fort Gibson in the Cherokee Nation, and with Muskogee in the Creek Nation.

Fourteen Cherokee Prisoners Escape

Thursday night the prisoners to the number fourteen in one cell of the National Jail at this place dug out. The excavating has been going on for some time judging from the amount of work done. They removed the stone floor and sawed out some 2x6 scantling, near the wall, then dug under and up to the top of the ground on the outside of the jail.

The Most Disastrous Fire in Indian Territory

About 12:30 a.m. on April 15, 1895, some people were returning to the National Hotel (across from the Capitol Building on the North side) in Tahlequah and discovered the fire which had started in a loft in John Wilson's livery stable. The stable was located on Muskogee Avenue at the corner of the alley that is between Delaware and Shawnee streets.