Archibald Scraper

Arch Scraper was born about 1820-25 in Cherokee Nation East1 beside the Chattooga River near where it joined the Coosa River, in what is now Alabama, about a mile west of the Georgia border.



Henry Starr

Some info on Henry Starr from the Indian-Pioneer Papers.

James Taylor

A Brief Biography of James Taylor, who removed to Indian Territory after the Trail of Tears.

Ned Christie

• Cherokee Senator • Blacksmith • Farmer • Marble Champion • Patriot

Redbird Smith

Redbird Smith believed the greatest danger to the survival of the Cherokee as a culture was ‘acculturation.’ He feared the people would be absorbed into the ways of the white people around them and forget their own ways.

Samuel Worcester

• missionary • printer • farmer • postmaster • central political figure


Read this biography on Sequoyah, who invented the Cherokee syllabary.

Sequoyah - according to an acquaintance

The Cherokee Phoenix printed this account of Sequoyah, at the time of the introduction to the Cherokee Syllabary.

Zeke Proctor

• Sheriff • Cherokee Senator • Farmer • Trail of Tears survivor