Cherokee Arts

Buckbrush and Honeysuckle

Native baskets are made from buckbrush and honeysuckle, among other materials. Read how to harvest and process these materials. . .

Cherokee Arts Center

The Cherokee Arts Center is now fully operational, giving the our artists a place to teach, learn, create, exhibit and sell their work. The CAC is in downtown Tahlequah at 212 S. Water St. It houses classrooms, studios and a gallery. Hours of operation for the Cherokee Arts Center are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Studio artists and those giving or receiving artistic instruction may have access to the center after hours.

Cherokee Baskets

Cherokee Basketry has endured from prehistoric times to the present day. The principal materials used by the Cherokee are cane, white oak, hickory bark and honeysuckle. Originally the only two materials used for dyes were black walnut and blood root. Butternut has been added for black, yellow root for yellow and broom sedge for orange.

Cherokee Clothing

Although there have been many styles of clothing unique to the Cherokee people throughout the years, one style remains in vogue. The Cherokee tear dress is the standard traditional fashion for women, and the ribbon shirt remains popular for men.

Cherokee Dyes

From a historical interview in the Indian-Pioneer Papers.

Dye in a Pot

How to dye basket materials using native dyes.

Making Marbles

Former Deputy Principal Chief Hastings Shade shared his expertise on making Cherokee marbles.