Cherokee Language Program

Cherokee Language Program

Dikaneisdi (Word List)

This is the English/Cherokee Lexicon or word list. We refrain from the use of the word 'dictionary' since it does not give definitions of words, just the translation. This Lexicon consists of over 7,000 words and will continue to be extended with more word listings.

Cherokee Language Documents

This page is a resource to download Cherokee language documents and other resources.

Learning Center

The Cherokee Learning Center is the place to test your skills with the Cherokee language. Play games, solve puzzles, watch videos and download useful tools that will help you learn the Cherokee Language.

Online Language Classes

Registration for the Cherokee Online Language Class is offered approximately three times per year (January, April and September). Classes offered include Cherokee levels I,II and III with instructor Ed Fields. The classes are open to anyone and are free to the public. These classes last 10 weeks and meet online twice weekly.The classes are interactive classrooms where you can ask live questions to the instructor and get live feedback. You can also chat with other students in the class.