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CNE Glassware Bid

Bid ID: 11092

All bids are due on Tuesday April 29th 2014 at 5:00PM CST by email to I am available by phone at 918 384-7514 anytime to answer questions. BID TAB MUST BE FILLED IN ELECTRONICALLY to be considered along with an Auto quote that includes all items and pictures listed on the bid tab. Please only fill in the white portions of the bid tab. Pricing will be in case quantities. Shipping charges will separate from item pricing. The premise of the bid is to determine a primary vendor for glassware. The goal is to reduce expenses on materials and shipping. Many of the higher volume items will be stored in the Catoosa Hardrock Warehouse in large quantities to help minimize the cost associated with shipping. Pricing: CNE requests pricing for one year. All items will be purchased by the case. Case pricing and shipping cost will be factored to determine a winner. Please send proposals for all cost savings ideas including growth incentives, prompt pay, etc. Items and substitutions: CNE would like exact products to be bid. If a substitute is recommended CNE will require samples of the items for consideration. Please provide a list of all items currently stocked or that you intend to stock*** Replacements: Any vendor that is selected will be accountable for damage good replacement at the time the product is received. This should happen within a week the damaged item is reported. Ordering: have 2 categories of orders that will be placed. Drop ship direct from manufacture by pallet or half pallet pending on the volume. These are the items that will be stored in the Catoosa Warehouse. The second category is will be for the lower volume items that CNE will not stock on premise. These items can be drop shipped from the manufacture or stocked by the vendor for immediate shipment. Shipping costs: CNE contracts with a shipping company and will reserve the right to request the selected vendor use this company if shipping is advantageous to do so. As previously note the higher volume items with be warehouse at the Catoosa Hard Rock for distribution by CNE to the outlying properties. All other orders will be shipped direct to each casino venue by the vendor. Please include in the proposal assessment on shipping. All prices and bid materials are confidential. *CNE reserves the right to issue one award, multiple awards, or reject all bids. *All quotes are subject to negotiation prior to award. Awards may be issued without discussion of quote received, and quotes should initially be submitted on the most favorable terms from a price and technical standpoint. *Any award resulting from this RFP will be subject to CNE Terms and Conditions. (Available upon request) *Your bid should indicate hourly $ rates (when applicable), individual work effort, delivery schedule, or time of completion. *Any items noted which are not bid should be indicated on bid form. *Tribal Employment Rights Office, "TERO", requirements apply including fee of 1/2 of 1% of contract award. Successful bidder must complete TERO Labor Agreement (copy available upon request) and pay all applicable fees, including $25 per non-Indian employee on this project. Please refer to Cherokee Nation Legislative Act 38-05 dated 11-14-06 repealing and superseding Cherokee Nation law regarding Labor and the Employment Rights Ordinance and Declaring and Emergency. The complete Act is available at our website or by contacting the buyer as listed on this RFP. BONDING NOTICE CNE generally requires payment and performance bonds for all construction contracts in excess of $50,000. However, qualified TERO-certified firms are encouraged to bid, regardless of bonding capability. CHEROKEE NATION GAMING COMMISSION (CNGC) This requirement may be subject to CNGC policies and procedures. Licensing requirements may be required of the successful vendor to be coordinated with the CNGC. These requirements may include licensing fees as well as security and background checks of vendor's employees. Current policies and procedures can be found on the Cherokee Nation website or by contacting the CNGC office at 918-207-3834.

Buyer Information

Buyer Contact: John Molinar
Buyer Phone: 9183847514
Buyer Email:

Important Dates

Open: 4/17/2014 2:33:34 PM
Closes: 4/29/2014 5:00:00 PM



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