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RFP - WSS Gaming Floor Carpet Install & Game Move Print

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Sealed bids are being solicited by Cherokee Nation Entertainment, L.L.C. (“CNE”) for furnishing all equipment, labor and materials to complete the work described in Section IV of the Contract Documents, Statement of Work and Specifications. All proposals should be sent by express delivery, regular mail or hand delivery to CNE’s Catoosa Corporate office at the following address, to be received no later than 10:00AM CST on Monday, April 27, 2017. IF BY EXPRESS DELIVER OR REGULAR MAIL Cherokee Nation Entertainment, L.L.C. Attn: Tina Jones Senior Buyer 777 W. Cherokee Street Catoosa, Oklahoma 74015 IF BY HAND DELIVERY Cherokee Nation Entertainment, L.L.C. Corp. Building #3 Attn: Tina Jones Senior Buyer 1102 N. 193rd East Ave. Catoosa, Ok 74015 It is the intention of CNE that if an acceptable proposal is received, the selected firm will be notified in writing by email within 30 days of the bid opening and any bidder interviews required. Successful bidder will be required to work closing with Operations on the Phasing Plan and work hours; proposed working hours will be 10:00PM on Sunday to 10:00PM on Monday. Multiple mobilizations will be required. Any bid received more than ninety-six (96) hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, before the time set for the opening of bids, or any bid so received after the time set for opening of Bids, shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened to the bidder submitting same. The bidder must supply all the information required by the Contract Documents, a Bid Return Checklist is attached. Scope of Work – West Siloam Springs Carpet Replacement Cherokee Nation Entertainment is seeking qualified and experienced Carpet and Flooring installation companies for the removal and installation of owner provide carpet for the casino gaming floor at the Cherokee Casino in West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma. In addition to the carpet removal and installation, the company shall provide game move services for the project as outlined in the scope below: The work will consist of: Carpet Replacement • Removing the existing gaming floor carpet, cleaning and prepping the floor surface and installing new owner provided carpet. • The removal and installation will be sectioned as to how much can be removed and replaced over the course of a night. • Contractor will coordinate with WSS Gaming Operations and Corporate Gaming. • Carpet and Flooring contractor is responsible for the removal and disposal of the removed carpet. • All work is to be done after hours. • Contractor is responsible for all tools and materials not supplied by the owner for the complete removal and installation. • Remove and replace cove base with same or similar • Contractor will be responsible for providing the necessary adhesive. Gaming Machine Move • Contractor will remove and relocate 1382 Electronic Gaming Machines, broken down by phase in conjunction with the carpet removal/installation. o Owner will be responsible for disconnect and reconnect of all IT and electrical components associated with the gaming machines. o Owner will be responsible for designating locations for machine replacement. • Contractor must provide a device that allows them to remove the gaming machines in an efficient and safe manner. A device that allows the games to be mobilized without being removed from the gaming machine base is preferred. • Contractor must be able to accommodate and assist with removing games from existing gaming machine bases and placing gaming machines on new owner provided bases. • Contractor employees and sub-contractor employees who participate in gaming machine moves must be found suitable for a gaming license by the Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission if required This is to be a lump sum proposal to include all labor, materials and cost associated with the complete scope of work listed above.

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Buyer Contact: Tina Jones
Buyer Phone: 9183847802
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Important Dates

Open: 4/20/2017 3:17:50 PM
Closes: 4/27/2017 10:00:00 AM



  • Questions and answers dated 4/21/17: You want us to provide the labor to disassemble the games and bases and move them to the new locations and re-assemble the games & bases? My first question is who would be liable if there was something damaged while the machines are being moved? And, if we are liable what is the cost of the machines? I will have to call my insurance agent to verify that our liability insurance would cover this unique situation. We don’t even know how the machines and bases are connected… If it’s just the labor for moving the games and bases will there be a CNE rep onsite helping and or directing us the whole time while we are moving the machines? -The bid is for services to move the games and bases off the gaming floor and assist with transferring the games from old bases to new bases -CNE would be responsible for disconnecting & reconnecting the games from the bases -If damage was due to negligence by the contractor while moving the games they would be liable. Replacement value of the games varies greatly from $5000-$25000 -CNE and gaming vendor representatives will be onsite to direct The bases and games should be moved together
  • Questions & Answers dated 4/21/17: 1. The flooring contractor is responsible for moving and replacing all games in each phase? Yes 2. How big is each game (average)? Approx. 27 inches wide by 50-60inches tall 3. How much does each game weigh (average)? 300lbs+ 4. Where will they be staged between removal and replacement? Convention area 5. Will ALL e-games need to be removed from existing bases and placed in new bases? Yes 6. Scope mentions 1382 e-games, but alternate adds possibility of removing/replacing table & chair games. How many of those are there? 1382 chairs, 15 Tables