Native American women experience the highest rate of violence of any group in the United States. A report released by the Department of Justice, American Indians and Crime, found that Native American women suffer violent crime at a rate three and a half times greater than the national average.

Victim Advocacy

    • Emergency Advocate assistance to law enforcement officers within the 14 county Cherokee Nation jurisdiction (tribal and state).
    • Accompanies victim to hospital for medical needs.
    • Provides resources for immediate safe housing.
    • Assistance with locating a shelter or relocation to family/friend’s home.
    • Assists the victim when filing a police report and/or protective order.
    • Explains the court procedures and prepares for court.
    • Accompanies victim to and from court appearances.
    • Notifies victims of court dates and possible court negotiated pleas.
    • Listens to the victims concerns and needs and tries to address them.
    • Provides education and assistance in preparing a safety plan for themselves and their family members and explains the power and control model of abuse.
    • Provides counseling referrals and any other resource referrals needed.
      • Accompanies and prepares the victim for sexual assault exam procedure.