Jay Clinic to Resume Operations Tuesday

March 05, 2012

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JAY, Okla.— After a brief closure to investigate an air quality issue, the Sam Hider Clinic will re-open for business Tuesday morning.

“During the expansion efforts in the clinic’s contract health area, an employee noticed something that he thought might be asbestos and alerted the environmental programs office,” said Executive Director of Health Connie Davis. “We wanted to err on the side of caution and closed the building while an independent contractor came in and tested the area.”

Some of the tile and adhesive debris in the renovation area tested positive for trace amounts of asbestos, but Davis said the tests for airborne asbestos came back negative Saturday and that re-opening the clinic does not pose a health or safety risk. 

“Now that we know it is there, we will be taking additional precautions,” Interim Medical Director Dr. Doug Nolan said. “A barrier is now up around the construction area. Any tiles that tested positive for asbestos will be properly disposed of to avoid the risk of making the asbestos airborne and a threat to the employees and patients at the Sam Hider Clinic. The adhesive that tested positive will be resealed under new floor tile to prevent it from becoming airborne.”

The clinic, located at 1015 Washbourne, will resume operations at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

To view or download the PDF file, Jay Health Clinic FAQ, click here.

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