Sequoyah Senior Signs with Connors State College

January 30, 2012

Eric Kirkpatrick at the catcher position for the Sequoyah Indians.

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Sequoyah Schools senior Eric Kirkpatrick has signed a letter of intent to play baseball at Connors State College. Kirkpatrick, who played in the catcher position since he was four years old, thinks that playing baseball at the college level is the next practical step in his baseball career.

“I’ve played in other positions, but always came back to catcher,” Kirkpatrick said. Connors State College coach Keith Perry says he expects Kirkpatrick to fill an immediate need on the team.

“He will be able to play for us and help us out as soon as he gets there,” Perry said. “I am looking forward to having him on the team.” “

I’ve played with the Connors coach before during the summer and I like their program,” Kirkpatrick said. “They have a really good team.”

Kirkpatrick will be following in the footsteps of his high school coach at Sequoyah, Jeff Turtle.

“The very first baseball player that I ever signed at Connors I signed on the tailgate of a pickup truck and that was Jeff Turtle,” Perry said. “Signings have come a long way.” “It makes it a challenge for me to go to school where Coach Turtle went,” Kirkpatrick said. “He still holds a lot of records there and it gives me a goal to shoot for. I want to beat his records.”

Kirkpatrick, 18, of Tahlequah is the son of Leslie Kirkpatrick of Tahlequah and Richard Kirkpatrick of Hulbert. He would eventually like to become a baseball coach and plans to major in athletic training.

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