ᏕᎬᏔᏛ (links)

How to Enable Cherokee on Microsoft Skydrive Web Apps:
Step by Step instruction Guide (PDF)

Typing in Cherokee on your Computer:
Phonetic Keyboard Layout for Macintosh

A freely distributable keyboard layout for the Macintosh that lets you type in phonetics and converts the text into syllabary.  Please read the instructions and license in the installer.  If you agree to the terms, continue with installation.

How to type in Cherokee on your Macintosh Computer (video)

How to use Cherokee on Your iOS Device (Video)

Cherokee Language Resources:
ᏣᎳᎩ ᎠᏰᎵ ᏗᎧᏁᎢᏍᏗ / Cherokee Nation Wordlist

The Cherokee Nation’s online word list

Cherokee New Testament
The New Testament in syllabary as translated from the 1800s in PDF.  Suitable for use on your tablets, smartphones, and many other digital devices.

Facebook in Cherokee
Join the Cherokee Translation Project and your menus will be in syllabary on Facebook

Google in Cherokee
Select Cherokee from the language list and your interface will be in syllabary

Cherokee Wikipedia
The world’s largest encyclopedia has a Cherokee version

Cherokee Wiktionary
Open source online dictionary. Editable by the public

Cherokee Nation Foundation Dictionary
Online Cherokee dictionary (audio require Adobe Flash Player)

Cherokee Syllabary OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Google’s Tasseract OCR engine supports Cherokee data. Requires some knowledge of command lines to use.