Child Support Services

Child Support Services

The Office of Child Support provides services that attempt to ensure a holistic approach when working with the parties involved in the case. CN Child Support Services staff provides customer service that is helpful to both parents. We  understand support is more than just money, it’s about strengthening families.

Children under the age of majority who are citizens of the Cherokee Nation or are eligible for citizenship and are currently residing within the counties falling within Cherokee Nation jurisdictional boundaries are eligible to receive child support services.

A Cherokee child under the age of majority is defined as a person under the age of 18 years old or a person under the age of 19 years old who has not graduated from high school and is regularly attending public or private school.  

We can also help Cherokee children living outside the Cherokee Nation boundaries if both parents are willing to submit to Cherokee Nation District Court jurisdiction and if they are citizens or eligible for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation.  

Download and complete the Child Support Services Application PDF found at the bottom of this page if you have never had a child support case with the state or a tribe before.

Download and complete the Affidavit of Request for Case Transfer PDF found at the bottom of this page if you currently have a child support case you wish to transfer to Cherokee Nation  Office of Child Support Services. 

Office:  918-453-5444

School Clothes

The Cherokee Nation’s School Clothes program is administered by Child Support Services as a community outreach project in support of Cherokee children.  School Clothes is a benefit for Cherokee Nation citizens, helping to provide clothing for school-age children meeting certain criteria.  Qualified applicants receive a one-time voucher to be redeemed at a specified clothing retailer in the amount of one hundred dollars.
Since 2006 the program has served an average of 5,700 children each year.  For Child Support Services this is an opportunity to be a real part of local Cherokee communities, providing a service directly affecting families by securing assistance for their children. 

The School Clothes program calendar, map and informational brochure are available as downloadable PDF files at the bottom of this page.

The overall purpose of Child Support Services is to ensure that children’s needs are being met by helping parents provide an avenue of support for them.  We believe that support is more than money; it is about helping families to become self-sufficient for the long term thus building strong communities.
Help Hotline: 918-772-4144


General Contact  918-453-5444