Human Services

Children, Youth & Family Services

The Cherokee Nation’s Children, Youth & Family Services department is a fully integrated support system for children and families who need stability and consistency in times of crisis or uncertainty.

Child Care & Development Center

The Cherokee Nation cares deeply about the development and well-being of its youngest citizens. To ensure a happy, healthy nation for future generations, the Cherokee Nation is committed to providing quality child development and child care services.

Child Support Services

The Office of Child Support Services mission is to ensure that all parents support their children. Our goal is to strengthen Cherokee children and their families by ensuring supportive obligations are put into place to promote self sufficiency. By promoting self sufficiency, it lends to happy healthy children for years to come.

Family Assistance

The mission of the Family Assistance Department is to help individual and families access services or resources promoting personal and family unity as well as economic and social stability. This mission is driven by the belief that all individuals must be allowed to achieve their highest level of potential and self-sufficiency.

Special Programs

This category of programs includes services offered by the Office of Veterans Affairs, The Bright Futures Truancy Prevention Program and the Healing to Wellness Court Program.