Staff Contact

For questions, comments, and/or concerns please feel free to contact any of the staff listed below.



Robert Daugherty
(918) 207-4917


Tammy Miller
Administrative Officer
(918) 207-4950


Mark Parman, MS
Evaluations & Outcomes Measurement Specialist
(918) 207-4973

Mary Stevenson
Special Assistant
(918) 207-4918


Community Technical Assistance

Donna Chuculate
Administrative Assistant
(918) 207-4922


Tony Stayathome
Volunteer Coordinator
(918) 5905

Kevin Stretch, MSEd, MA
Technical and Training Specialist
Digital, Graphics, Video, Photography
(918) 207-4919


Chris Welch
COTTA and Training Specialist
(918) 207-4953

History and Preservation

Catherine Foreman-Gray
(918) 453-5289


Roy Hamilton
Special Projects Officer
(918) 453-5289


Cultural Outreach

Dawnena Squirrel-Mackey
(918) 453-5679 


Tommy Wildcat 
(918) 316-7030


Cherokee Language Master/Apprentice Program

Howard Paden
Program Manager
(918) 207-6926


Cora Flute
Master Language Speaker


Doris Shell
Master Language Speaker


Gary Vann
Master Language Speaker


Ryan Mackey
Language Apprentice (on loan from History and Preservation)
(918) 453-5679