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Wyman Kirk

Pat Gwin and Ryan Mackey

Gene Norris



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Archived Capacity Building Presentations via YouTube

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Module 6: Communicating and Connecting - Assessment: >>Click Here<<


Module 4: Using Common Organizational Tools :



 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Module 3 - Checks and BalancesTraining4/8/20146.69 MBDownload
Genealogy-What Do I Do Now?Presentation4/14/2014247.43 KBDownload
Module 3 - Checks and Balances Assessement 4/8/2014UnknownDownload
Module 4 - Organizational Tools - Learner AssessmentAssessment4/29/2014UnknownDownload
Module 4 - Organizational ToolsPresentation 4/29/20141.20 MBDownload
Genealogy-Websites for Cherokee ResearchPresentation4/14/20147.16 MBDownload
Cherokee Traditional PlantsCultural3/25/20145.82 MBDownload
!Module 6 - Communicating and ConnectingTraining7/28/20143.06 MBDownload
Genealogy-Cherokee Family Research Center-used websitesPresentation4/14/201468.96 KBDownload
Genealogy-Research Techniquespresentation4/14/2014298.90 KBDownload
Genealogy-Learning AssessmentPresentation4/14/2014UnknownDownload