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Honeysuckle Basket making with Betty Frogg

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Making Stickball Sticks with David Comingdeer

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Cherokee Tools and Weapons with Noel Grayson

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The State of the Cherokee Language - with Rob Daugherty, CCO Director
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Note: The presentation begins at the 9:30 mark

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JP Johnson
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Digital Art, Culture and Language ᏣᎳᎩ work by Joseph Erb

Cherokee Anthropology by Wyman Kirk

Cherokee Traditional Plants by Pat Gwin

Cherokee Genealogy Research by Gene Norris

Cherokee Community Values by Ryan Mackey

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Archived Capacity Building Presentations via YouTube

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Using Planning to Create Action

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Let's Talk: Tips for effective communication

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Leading Great Meetings (2015 October 27)

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Join Us: Staying strong through recruitment and retention

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Powering Up!: Mapping power for community change
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Leadership Series - Building Winning Teams
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Leadership series - Asset Mapping
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New Leadership Series - Who me, a Community Leader?
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Module 8: Assessment

Module 7: Budgeting and Financial Management
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Module 4: Using Common Organizational Tools :



 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
!Module 6 - Communicating and ConnectingTraining7/28/20143.06 MBDownload
Cherokee Traditional PlantsCultural3/25/20145.82 MBDownload
Genealogy-Cherokee Family Research Center-used websitesPresentation4/14/201468.96 KBDownload
Genealogy-Learning AssessmentPresentation4/14/2014UnknownDownload
Genealogy-Research Techniquespresentation4/14/2014298.90 KBDownload
Genealogy-Websites for Cherokee ResearchPresentation4/14/20147.16 MBDownload
Genealogy-What Do I Do Now?Presentation4/14/2014247.43 KBDownload
Module 3 - Checks and BalancesTraining4/8/20146.69 MBDownload
Module 3 - Checks and Balances Assessement 4/8/2014UnknownDownload
Module 4 - Organizational ToolsPresentation 4/29/20141.20 MBDownload
Module 4 - Organizational Tools - Learner AssessmentAssessment4/29/2014UnknownDownload
Module 8: Technology: Tips, Tricks, and TrendsPresentation9/29/2014UnknownDownload