Day Training Program

The Tribal Day Training Program is the result of an initiative by the Principal Chief. Established October 1, 2009, the program allows unemployed Cherokee Nation citizens the opportunity to receive work-specific training on a daily basis for immediate financial payment. Qualified applicants are immediately placed at a work site and a monetary stipend is available to them by the end of the day. We use prepaid VISA cards in denominations of $25.00 for four hours of work and $50.00 for eight hours of work. Once the training day is completed, the appropriate card is transferred to the individual.

Recipients are limited to no more than 12 weeks on the program each year. Last year nearly 2,000 individuals participated in the Tribal Day Training Program.

Eligibility Requirements
Cherokee Nation Tribal Citizenship
Within 14 county Jurisdictional area
Age 18+
Income Guidelines
Not currently enrolled in high school
General Contact