Cherokee Nation Accepting Cherokee Promise Scholarship Applications

April 05, 2011

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Cherokee Nation is accepting applications for its innovative new Cherokee Promise Scholarship until Friday, April 29. The Cherokee Promise provides financial assistance to low-income Cherokee students pursuing higher education at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah. The program emphasizes Cherokee cultural activities, specialized classes and self-help. Students selected will receive a $2,000 educational scholarship and $1,000 housing scholarship per semester, as well as additional support. 

Selected students will live in a designated residence hall exclusive to Cherokee Promise Scholarship Scholars throughout their time with the program. Scholars will receive special welcome week activities, on-site advisement, cultural education, two sections of Cherokee language and college strategies classes and attend the Rookie Bridge Camp together. Scholars will also participate in monthly community service activities and as they advance in the program act as mentors to incoming freshman. 

“The idea is to create a cohort of Cherokee students, which allows encouragement of managing student finances and creates a sense of community, often the key to getting students through college,” said Chad Smith, Cherokee Nation principal chief. 

To apply for Cherokee Nation’s Cherokee Promise Scholarship students must be a citizen of Cherokee Nation, reside in Cherokee Nation’s jurisdiction, meet all eligible requirements for Pell and Cherokee Nation’s Human Services College Housing Assistance Program, have at least a 2.7 grade point average and already be accepted to NSU. Priority will be given to freshmen. Enrollment at NSU begins Thursday, May 26. 

For an application or for more information please visit or call 800-456-0671, ext 5429.