HACN Offers Assistance in Tulsa and Washington Counties

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February 2, 2005

HACN Offers Assistance in Tulsa and Washington Counties

Tahlequah, OK - The Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation (HACN) has openings available in Washington County under the Rental Assistance Program (RAP) and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program and openings for the RAP program in Tulsa County for Cherokee and Native American Families.

"These programs allow the eligible applicant to choose the type of housing as long as it meets occupancy and HUD Housing Quality Standards," stated David Southerland, HACN executive director.

According to Southerland, the family is issued a coupon or voucher allowing them to search for an eligible unit to lease. The unit must fall within the Fair Market Rent guidelines.

Eligible units can be found in Washington County and within the Cherokee Nation’s jurisdictional boundaries, east of Osage Drive and north of Admiral, in Tulsa County.

The programs are designed to allow families to find their own dwelling unit of appropriate size and applicable payment standards. HACN pays subsidized rent based on the family’s income and the gross rent of the unit. The eligible applicant is allowed to choose any type of housing such as; a house, apartment, duplex or mobile home, as long as the unit meets the inspection requirements.

All applicants must meet eligibility guidelines that include income limits, U.S. citizenship, and each family member five years of age or older must have a social security card. The Rental Assistance applicant or family member must have CDIB or be a member of a federally recognized tribe. The Housing Choice Voucher program is open to the public.

According to Southerland, HACN will accept applications for the RAP program until an adequate number of applicants are received.

For more information on HACN programs in Washington County contact Shannon Roberson at (918) 366-7830. For more information on HACN programs in Tulsa County call Gayla Carnagey or Judy Wood at the HACN office in Bartlesville at (918) 371-8435 or the HACN office in Claremore at (918) 342-2433 or (866) 342-2433.